Miss Popularity

February 6, 2013 § 4 Comments

Probably my most popular creation to date, this ginger crunch is also one of the easiest (although to be honest, if it’s not easy I probably won’t have invented it).

Inspired by my sister Ruth (all her idea – she also took the fab pic) I started off by making coconut ice – also delicious – which then morphed into this.


Ruthie’s Ginger Crunch (raw, vegan, gluten free)

1/4C Brazil nuts*
1/2C cashews*
1/2C dates
Pinch salt

*You could probably use whatever nuts you have on hand for this – almonds would be good also I reckon

3C desiccated coconut
2-4cm knob ginger, grated
2t dry ground ginger
3T maple syrup

Process the nuts in a food processor until crumby, then add dates and salt and process until a soft dough is formed. Press into bottom of a dish. In high speed blender or food processor, make coconut butter by whizzing the coconut until it forms a thick liquid (if using a food processor make sure to give it breaks so it doesn’t overheat – blog with pics here about it here: http://fridgescrapings.com/2012/10/27/why-buy-when-you-can-make-plus-worthy-investments/). Add gingers and maple syrup – add more fresh ginger if you prefer a stronger flavour and whizz until combined. Pour onto base and pop in fridge to set. Cut and serve.


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