Easy Vegan Stirfry Kids Will Love

July 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

Sorry for the lack of bloggage lately, it’s been a combination of illness and my discovery that there is a fourth season of The Good Wife. And I’m lazy.
Anyway I’m kicking back into it with an easy one, because simple recipes are the best, especially when you have both kids home fulltime.

Oh and please feel free to check out my new Facebook page – I’ve changed the name from Zana Organics to Made With Zana, to reflect both the name of this blog and my move away from selling organic drygoods to just making food for my family. I just didn’t have the time to do everything and that was the thing that had to go. I’m sure it will resurface in some other form in the future, once the kids are a little older. Just FYI, I put a lot more recipes on there than on here, and even more on my Instagram (@madewithzana).


Easy Kid-Friendly Stirfry (vegan, gluten free)
1 tsp sesame oil
1 medium carrot, grated or julienned
1 cup cabbage, finely chopped
2 cups greens, finely chopped (I used kale)
2 tbsp coconut aminos (or soy sauce or tamari)
1 tbsp almond butter
1 tsp miso (I use this lovely NZ one)
Coriander, cashews and lemon to serve

Combine coconut aminos, almond butter and miso in a jar, screw lid on tight and shake well to combine. Set aside.
Heat oil on a wok or frying pan over a medium heat, add vegetables and stirfry for a minute or so until just starting to wilt. Add sauce from jar and stir well to combine.
Serve immediately with cashews, coriander and a squeeze of lemon on top.


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