I’m Bonnie, welcome to my blog. I have two small children (a four-year-old boy and a 20-month-old girl) and a wonderful partner and we live in Auckland, New Zealand/Aotearoa.
I used to hate cooking, never had much interest in food, and burnt everything I tried to make. But after becoming a mum and an ethical vegan (and then gluten free thanks to an intolerance) I found my passion for making food. Thanks to raw desserts (such a great entry into the world of food love – and no burning!), and sites like Choosing Raw, I have the foodie bug.
At the moment I eat some raw, some cooked, mostly all whole foods and always vegan. Hope you find some inspiration here!


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  • buffyellen says:

    Why hello there beautiful! Looking forward to your amazing posts xx

  • Darlene Frisicaro says:

    Hi Bonnie, what great looking recipes! I’m wondering the fastest way to get to the recipes? Do I have to scroll through each post?

  • Lea says:

    Hi Bonnie, I used to really enjoy your work in SUNDAY magazine and somehow found this blog on a chia seed pudding search… Anyway, for many years I was both vegan, and raw, like yourself and was convinced that this was the perfect way to eat because of all of those enzymes that are apparently ‘killed’ during the cooking process. Sometimes I felt good; sometimes I felt shit but what I always always always felt was tired. No matter how much sleep I got – the worse I felt the more I was convinced that I had a barrage of unexplained ‘intolerances’ therefore justifying my bizarre way of eating. Then my periods stopped and I realised my body was telling me something pretty intense. Four of my girlfriends who were also ‘believers’ had the same symptoms as me and when I read the omnivores dilemma by Michael Pollan and dug a little deeper I realised my extreme diet was doing me a lot more harm than good… What seems to be the consensus among ‘experts’ is that they really know very little about our bodies relationship to foods – what they do seem to agree on is the importantance of gut health; the role of cooked foods; a varied diet and a mostly plant-based diet.
    I slowly re-introduced eggs, a little organic meat, line-caught fish and the occasional bit of dairy – I also began incorporating loads of fermented foods in my diet – then I just forgot about a ‘diet’ entirely and realised I could have whatever I liked in moderation as long as my foundation diet was good and my gut was healthy.
    I would highly reccomend you read Michael Pollan’s new book ‘Cooked’ and consider a slightly less-restrictive way of eating – I can almost gaurantee your mystery sypmtoms will reduce or disappear.

    • zanaorganics says:

      Hi Lea, thanks for your comment. I’m glad you’ve found a way of eating that works for you! I’ll just clarify a few things for you about the way I eat:
      + I’m an ethical vegan – I don’t believe eating animals or their byproducts is the right choice for me no matter how it’s packaged (free range, cage free, grass fed etc) – forcibly torturing, killing, removing babies, raping and exploiting other beings because we like the taste or because it’s the culturally acceptable norm is not morally or ethically ok for me (though of course I’m only talking about those who do have a choice). In saying that I’m the only vegan in my family so for now my choices are my choices alone.
      + I eat a wide variety of food, both cooked and raw, and you can find many different recipes on my blog including fermented foods, cooked and raw (always vegan, almost always gluten free as I have an intolerance).
      + I became vegan little more than a year ago. Before that I had bad stomach cramps daily and terrible rosacea. Since going vegan this improved slightly, since dropping gluten even better, and since dropping fats a little my rosacea and cramps are gone I just have a niggling on and off digestion problem I’m still dealing with which seems to improve on days I eat abundant raw low fat vegan for the majority of the day. We all have different health journeys. For me pregnancy and years of partying in my 20s didn’t help but eating the way I am currently does.

      I like Michael Pollan, his work on the gut is fascinating. I don’t believe in miracle promises or panacea when it comes to diet claims, but I do believe food is a powerful weapon for and against health and I also I believe in trying different things to find what works for you. However I also think, within the health argument, plant-based is the way to go for the environment and individual health; Dr Joel Furhman, Dr McDougall, Dr Michael Greger et al have a pretty impressive and convincing body of evidence to support this.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment! šŸ™‚

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